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The Assisted Advantages
Share your responsibility

A highly involved Relationship Manager understands your expectations and provides personalised assistance.

Expert search within reach

Your Relationship Manager uses advanced tools and expertise to assist you in finding matching members from thousands of profiles.

Shortlisted matches

Among all the matching profiles, your Relationship Manager carefully handpicks prospects most suitable for you and sends them for your review.

Initiate communication

Your Relationship Manager contacts prospects on your behalf and ensures effective communication between you and your matches.

Meet the prospects

Your Relationship Manager contacts prospects and facilitates a meeting based on mutual interest.

How It Works
Happy Assisted Marriages

"We were in somewhat hurry to marry off our daughter Niby after she finished her college. Our family was looking for someone good-looking to match my daughter and who came from a cultured family like ours. Annshi's profile had everything we were looking for in a groom. He looks great, and he is a qualified businessman heading his own family business in Qatar - good things all packed into one! We met his family and things got easier after that. Our Relationship Manager proved to be a part of our happiness in this matrimony."

- Annshi & Niby
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